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A visit to the town of Loches is a must. The Logis Royal dates to the Renaissance and the town below is charming with its City Hall, Chancellerie and numerous traditional shops.

On Wednesday and Saturday the historic centre welcomes one of the loveliest markets in Touraine, where the best local produce is on display. In summer months, a picnic bought in the market can be enjoyed in the local park, where you have a fantastic view of the ancient buildings above.

A city with remarkable architecture, Loches is regarded as the gateway to the rolling landscapes of Southern Touraine.


'I think, therefore I am'. This famous statement was made by philosopher Rene Descartes, who was born in the nearby town re-named in his honour.

Descartes is an interesting small town which holds a regular Sunday morning market for all things delicious and a cafe culture for watching the world go by.

There are also beautiful public gardens and canoe/kayaks are available for hire here for spending time on the river Creuse.

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This village is on the border of Berry and Touraine and has been named by the French Tourism Board as 'One of the most beautiful villages in France'. This designation is richly deserved and makes a visit very worthwhile.

The name 'Angles-sur-l'Anglin' comes from the Saxon tribe that invaded England in the 5th century and from the river that separates the upper part of the village from the lower part.

Its reputation has been established for over 150 years thanks to its 'jours' - a wonderful form of handmade drawn-thread embroidery. The village is also famous for its 15000 year old Magdalenian sculptures of the 'Witches Rock'.

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Le Calabash

Why not enjoy a culinary adventure at this cookery school which is just a 10 minute drive from Le Studio Vert.

Offering lunch and dinner demonstrations and other courses throughout the year, just click here to visit their website for more information.

Alison and Sid are known personally to us as we have enjoyed several of their courses.

Wine Tasting

As wine enthusiasts we have enjoyed discovering the different vineyards and winemakers throughout the region, including the wines of Vouvray, Sancerre, Chinon and Saumur.

Whether your taste is for a crisp, dry white wine or a more rounded red, we will be delighted to share our knowledge and address book of producers with you.

If you're inclined to drink good wine without visiting the vineyards, then we will be happy to make some recommendations available from our local supermarket.

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